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Delaware's 4th medical marijuana dispensary opens in Newark

Dispensaries Posted Mar 3 2019

Delaware's medical marijuana program has been moving slowly but surely as the 4th dispensary, Compassionate Care Research Institute (CCRI), opened last week. The program began back in 2011 and this new dispensary gained it's approval in 2017. CCRI's new location is the second dispensary in New Castle County though the company also operates medical marijuana dispensaries in other states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Colorado). This new location took over a previous "Alexander's Lawn and Garden" building along with it's greenhouse where the dispensary grows it's own fresh product. As of last month Delaware has 7,104 registered medical marijuana patients with chronic conditions like cancer, Alzeimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, HIV, severe pain and nausea.

Compassionate Care Research Institute, which has locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Colorado, is the second dispensary in New Castle County. The other medical marijuana dispensaries are located in Wilmington, Smyrna and Lewes.

Original article: https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/health/2019/03/01/delawares-4th-medical-marijuana-dispensary-opens-newark/3026064002/

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