Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

Published on Jun 5, 2021

There are many myths, misinformation and urban legends surrounding marijuana, whether it is what happens when you smoke weed for the first time or if you can use other parts of the marijuana plant to get high. We’re going to look further into whether or not you should ever attempt to smoke other parts of the cannabis plant, and just how you can put the other parts of the plant to use. 

The Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant 


The Seeds

Starting with the simplest form of any plant is the seeds, which forms within the flower. It begins life inside a teardrop-shaped casing that will open upon maturity and reveal a seed ready to be dispersed. 

The Roots

The seeds form the foundation, which eventually turns into roots. The roots of the cannabis plant support the plant as a whole while delivering hydration, which is paramount to survival for the plant. 

The Stem

At the base of the roots the stem forms, which offers all the above-ground support for the cannabis plant, while also producing all of the foliage for the plant. The stem also contains xylem, which is water-carrying tissue that starts in the roots and goes to all areas of the plant

The Leaves

There are a few types of leaves on the cannabis plant, and the most recognizable are the fan leaves, which is the most common symbol for cannabis as a whole. These are the large leaves that are in charge of absorbing sunlight for photosynthesis while also protecting the delicate buds from sunburn. The sugar leaves are smaller leaves that are located on the bud, containing some trichomes that develop during the flowering stage.

Flower (Buds)

Eventually working up the main stem you will find the nodes, which partition the stem of the cannabis plant, which is where the first flowers appear. The flower that is important is the female flower because that’s where we get the THC and CBD-rich bud. The flower possesses the phytochemicals, contains all of the cannabinoids, trichomes and terpenes here. The top of the flowering plant is called a cola, which is where the buds are trimmed off that deliver us everything that we love about the cannabis plant. 

Can You Smoke Stems? 

There has always been some confusion surrounding weed stems, which are the small, stick-like pieces that can end up in the flower you buy. People think that more parts of the marijuana plant can get a person high than it actually can. So, if you’ve ever thought, “Can you smoke weed stems?” you’re not alone. Technically, sure you can smoke them, but don’t. While we’re on the topic, people have often also thought, “Do you grind weed up with stem inside?”. The answer here is also no, so save yourself a headache, literally. 

Do Stems Have THC?

Often, people wonder about this. Unfortunately, the answer is that stems have a minuscule amount of THC. People still try to smoke stems, especially when they are in a pinch but expect some rather not so pleasant side effects if you do so. People have reported headaches, sore throat, coughing, nausea and even abdominal pain from smoking stems. It will also taste like you’re smoking wood chips, which no one finds desirable. Later, we’ll dive further into what to do with weed stems, as there are many different uses people aren’t aware of. 

Can You Smoke Seeds or Leaves? 


When it comes to seeds, they, unfortunately, contain little to no THC as well. Again, however, this hasn’t stopped everyone from not trying to smoke them anyway. It has been reported that smoking seeds is extremely harsh on the lungs and delivers an acrid smoke taste. So, this is definitely not something that we would recommend doing.

Smoking weed leaves are a bit of a different, more complicated story. Weed leaves tend to be a bit more useful than the seed and stem counterpart when it comes to getting high. You’re not going to get high off of smoking leaves like you will the bud, but if it’s your only bet, you may have a bit of a chance. People often have mashed leaves into their hookahs or pipes, which will change the flavor and texture of the smoke, similar to those mixing tobacco and cannabis together. 

Weed leaves aren’t all created equal, and regardless you will need a pretty large amount to feel high from them. The best option for smoking weed leaves is looking to the sugar leaves, otherwise sometimes referred to as trimmings. These are found near the bud of the plant and do have some trichomes on them. This is important because trichomes are the tiny factories that produce hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for our favorite cannabis strains

What Can You Use Weed Stems For? 

Today there is a push to be zero-waste, and that has extended into people’s cannabis stash as well.  Even though you won’t be able to get high from directly smoking stems, why not put them to good use? You can use your leftover stems to brew tea, chai, make tinctures and topicals. Consider using stems for edibles, which will create a very mild effect on the body, which may be perfect for some people. You can even create a weed liqueur, as alcohol 40% or more can dissolve the resin of cannabis. Just let the stems soak in the alcohol with a mason jar for about a week, gradually adding more. Keep in mind, for many of these projects you’ll need a pretty large number of stems, so start saving now! 

What Can You Do with Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds also have a variety of uses as well. Consider growing a few plants of your own, if your state allows it. If not, consider using cannabis seeds for nutrition, as they are rich in healthy fats and proteins. Seeds can be made into hemp milk and shelled into hemp hearts, which can be solid protein on top of yogurt, salads and oatmeal. Consider helping your animal friends out, too, as cannabis seeds can go perfect in a bird feeder, or for other animal foods as well.
Do you have any experience smoking or using the other parts of the cannabis plant creatively, such as the stems, leaves or seeds? Let us know in the comments below!


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