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Apple And Google Just Approved The Global Rollout For High There, Tinder For Marijuana Fans

Fun Posted Apr 13 2015

First dates are tough enough without having to worry about if interest in marijuana will be a deal breaker to the other. This new app lets you meet friends (platonic or not) who have similar interests in cannabis use or lifestyles, and works very similarly to the dating app, tinder. There were issues releasing the app in states that still prohibit marijuana, however the android and apple appstore have now approved it globally.

The goal is ultimately to partner with certain businesses who might see an opportunity to cater to the hungry High There community with special offers or certain deals, and maybe even score a partnership with Facebook down the road as acceptance of marijuana usage spreads.

“We’re promoting a mindset that you don’t even have to consume to appreciate,” Mitchem says. “There’s a lesson in having technology connect people who can go out to dinner together, who can become a fabric of like-mindedness.”

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