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D.C. State Fair to Include 'Best Bud' Cannabis Contest

Fun Posted Jul 15 2015

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, and although marijuana is a federally illegal drug, you will find marijuana present at the Washington D.C. State Fair. Many great traditions are celebrated every year at the fair, and this year D.C. will be adding the "Best Bud" competition. Much like the the pie, veggie, and flower competitions, Best Bud contestants will grow their own cannabis at home and submit a 1-2gram bud for the judges to vote on. D.C.'s State Fair will be held on Sept. 12 this year, and entries for the Best Buds competition will be taken until Sept. 5th.

According to the entry form, the plants will be judged on appearance, odor, touch and each entrant’s personal story about how it was grown.
The judges will not consume or sample the submissions, however.

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