Marijuana K-cups and coffee pods are here

Fun Posted May 13 2015

Mainstream drugs like caffeine have been graced with creativity and industrialization due to it's legal place in the free market. Becoming more popular every year is the single serving K-cups to be used in Keurig machines for your morning cup of Joe, and now you can even get k-cups with marijuana infused beans. One k-cup has 10 miligrams of THC, but you can also find marijuana infused coffee creamer and tea, but for now you can only find this in Seattle and California. Expect to see these products on the shelves in your local dispensary when your state legalizes.

The California company sells four versions of marijuana-infused K-cups: medium roast, dark roast, decaf and mocha café. It’s also sells infused instant coffee and flavored creamers, one of which has already been awarded the prestigious best edible award at HempCon, one of the world’s largest medical marijuana trade shows.

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