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Eight Fascinating Ways People of the Past Have Used Marijuana to Enhance Sex

Fun Posted Feb 8 2016

Marijuana has become pop culture in the last several years and is often discussed as having potential medicinal value, but people forget the appeal of including marijuana in their sex life as an aphrodisiac, lube, or even for fighting ED! Thats right, many cultures throughout history have used marijuana in different remedies thought to cure erectile disfuntion and even prolonge arousal. Colorado and California marijuana markets have recently been introduced to a new cannabis lube that can be used to increase physical sensations with no psychoactive effects. 

Weed was thought to prolong one’s arousal to herculean lengths, and some texts describe cannabis sex rituals lasting up to eight hours, not stopping until “a glow of fire envelops the lovers in total-body orgasms, which result in erasure of mental ideations and ego, the timeless freedom from self which equals Nirvana.”

Comedian Margaret Cho fully endorses marijuana lube, as she told High Times: “Pot puts me in touch with my body. … You can just really feel and enjoy what’s happening to you; it’s a great enhancement and a great aphrodisiac. … I think that people don’t connect sexuality and pot as much as they should. And the best thing: marijuana lube!”

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