BIPOCANN Career Series: How to Get a Job in Cannabis Consulting

BIPOCANN Career Series: How to Get a Job in Cannabis Consulting

Published on 11/10/22

When it comes to the cannabis industry, getting into the industry is the hardest part. We've teamed up with BIPOCANN and its network of businesses working to shape a more accessible and profitable legal cannabis industry. Here's how you can get into the consulting side of cannabis.

Career Paths in Cannabis Consulting

Consulting in the cannabis industry is unique from consulting jobs in other markets because cannabis is a new, pioneering industry. With so many complex laws and regulations that vary between states and no federal oversight, it's easy for both budding entrepreneurs entering the space and established brands alike to run into obstacles. Luckily, this is where cannabis consultants come in and why their expertise is in such high demand in the job market!

Types of Cannabis Consulting Jobs

There are many types of cannabis consulting jobs out there. You could work as an individual consultant or join a consulting group or firm. Some individuals will even consult as an additional income stream while working with a brand in the industry, as opposed to having a full-time job in consulting.

There are numerous types if you want to work with a cannabis consulting firm. While some of these firms are more generalized and can help cannabis brands in various areas, others will focus on one core specialty. Here are a few of the most common types of consulting firms in the cannabis industry currently:

Security and Compliance

These cannabis consulting firms ensure their clients comply with all state-specific laws and stay up-to-date with any regulatory changes. For example, Forseti Protection Group, a certified minority-owned Security Risk Consulting Firm, helps cannabis clients protect their products throughout every process. The organization is focused on empowering underserved communities in cannabis by changing security norms and keeping brands safe, all while utilizing new innovative technologies alongside trusted, proven strategies. C can also guide cybersecurity, including keeping crucial business data and intellectual property safe. 


These kinds of cannabis consulting firms offer assistance with day-to-day tasks that keep the business running smoothly. This might include tasks related to staffing, licensing, supply chain management, distribution logistics, budgeting, human resources, and more.


These cannabis consulting firms focus on the industry's financial side. They can help predict upcoming market trends, source capital investment, analyze regulatory frameworks, and more. 

Prerequisites for Cannabis Consulting Jobs

If you're interested in a career in cannabis consulting, you're probably wondering what you need to do to get started.

Do I need a college degree or certification to work in cannabis consulting?

This will depend on the type of cannabis consulting you want to do! For example, most consultants in the financial or investment space will have a degree or certificate in accounting, finance, financial planning, etc. However, if you've successfully started a new brand and have worked in the legal cannabis market for years, you likely have the insights and experiences necessary to provide consulting services on opening a cannabis license in your state.

What previous experience can help you start a career in cannabis consulting?

While having a college degree or certification is not always essential for working in cannabis consulting, having legitimate experience and expertise will be. When choosing a cannabis consultant, keep in mind a few things a brand will likely ask:

  • What industry experiences does this consultant have?
  • Can they provide past or current client references?
  • Do they have a portfolio of work I can look over?
  • Do they have the proper education or credentials to make recommendations for business?

For example, Forseti had 50+ years of combined experience and trusted advisory solutions in other industries when they started their cannabis consulting firm, compiling all that valuable knowledge and insight and applying it to a totally new industry they saw needed for it!

"There were no Minority owned Security Consulting firms in cannabis until we came along." said Mario Rodriguez, President of Forseti Protection Group. "We believe our over 50+ years of combined experience and trusted advisory solutions in other industries would benefit the cannabis industry. Our community has been deeply impacted by marijuana prohibition; we felt obligated to help our communities."

Do you have any advice for potential applicants who want to join the cannabis industry?

"Build relationships and operate with integrity no matter your position in the industry. Relationships are the foundation of business success. Find the network of people who want to see you win, not just use you for one project or one day on the job. Surround yourself with them and watch the success come to you," Rodriguez said.

How can you build those relationships? Join industry organizations and groups, attend educational conferences and workshops, and go out to cannabis events in your community. This is a great way to learn from others in the industry, meet a future mentor, connect with other professionals, and perhaps even find a job opportunity!

Day-to-Day Responsibilities When Working in Cannabis Consulting

Your day-to-day as a cannabis consultant can look very different depending on what state you consult in, what kind of brands you work with, and what area of cannabis consulting you specialize in. When asked what a typical day on the job looks like, Rodriguez had this to say:

"Tough question. No two days are the same. Some days it is office work, working on security plans, meeting with clients, and discussing their projects. Others involve being on-site to assess properties or work with our team hands-on. Some days you come in before the sun is up and walk out when the moon is out. Others, you leave at lunch and spend the afternoon having lunch with the kids."

Growth in Cannabis Consulting Careers

As the legal cannabis industry continues to boom, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to enter the space and get their piece of the green rush. As more new cannabis pops up, the need for education, guidance, and hands-on assistance has also skyrocketed. This has increased cannabis consulting opportunities and allowed top cannabis consultants to charge more for their highly sought-after services.

According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a Cannabis Consultant is $68,390 annually in the United States. Additional pay could include cash bonuses, commission, tips, and profit sharing, and salaries will reflect experience level. A senior cannabis consultant makes an average of $122,309 annually.

Cannabis consultants "are always looking for leaders." Rodriguez said. "The ability to help the cannabis community relies on the ability to grow your expertise. We look to hire someone we can expand their training and knowledge to become subject matter experts in cannabis security."

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