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Proponents look to expand marijuana legalization in November

Legalization Posted Sep 15 2014

Proponents look to expand marijuana legalization in November

Much more states might vote to legalize marijuana this year. As professional pot advocates look to capitalize on altering voter attitudes to replicate their current successes in Colorado and Washington state. 

The legalization query is coming earlier than voters in very totally different areas of the nation, each politically and geographically Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia. 


But polling indicates the measure stands at least a chance of passing in otherwise conservative Alaska, while the ballot initiatives appear to enjoy popular support -- at least for now -- in Oregon and D.C. 

"I think they are all going to pass," declared Mason Tvert, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project, which has contributed over $566,000 in funds and services to the effort in Alaska, according to state campaign finance records. 

"Public support for ending marijuana prohibition is at an all-time high, and people can sense that change is inevitable," he said. Meanwhile, Florida voters are also set to weigh in on a measure that would approve medical marijuana. 

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