Debate heats up on legalization of marijuana

Debate heats up on legalization of marijuana

Published on Apr 2, 2015

For the many states that are in discussions of legalizing marijuana, more and more are realizing that the conversation has not moved towards "if" but "when". Rhode Island is included on this list and wants to be a leader to other new englad states towards a marijuana friendly future. Some are still concerned about skewing the youth's perception of marijuana and other drugs, as well as continuing to fuel the black market. But many are embracing the successfull system Colorado has implemented and are ready to stop incarcerating innocent citizens.

Houghtaling said, “Our culture is one that still underestimates the potency of prescription drugs and alcohol. We look down on addicts, yet every other commercial is for alcohol or another type of prescription drug. We send a real mixed message, and we owe it to the population to look at that.”

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