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Missouri ponders medical marijuana - and the money to be made selling it

Legalization Posted Apr 25 2015

One businessman who took advantage of the green rush in Colorado, is working to get marijuana legalized in his home state of Missouri. Recently he flew out state senators on his private plane to get an up-close look at the budding industry of legal marijuana and break the negative stigma that so many hold onto. Not unlike many other states bills to legalize medical marijuana, Missouri's is restrictive to certain conditions, but as Aaron Malin, director of research for Show-Me Cannabis, said, "“Any bill that provides medical cannabis to anybody, we see as a step in the right direction"

“I really don’t care on the industry side,” he said. “The reality is, there are a lot of sick people who would like to use medical marijuana instead of the opiates and pain medications with terrible side effects that they’re using now.”

The bill is so restrictive, Habbas said, because it was tailored to appeal to a conservative Missouri General Assembly.

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