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Advocates Say Marijuana Legalization In Arizona Could Generate $40 Million A Year For Schools

Legalization Posted Aug 20 2015

Arizona is well on it's way to being added to the short list of states who have recreationally legalized marijuana, but there is still much work to be done. So far, supporters have gathered about 60,000 of the 150,000 signatures needed to bring marijuana legalization to the ballot in 2016. Advocates preach about the cartels' control and that legalizing and regulating would make cannabis much harder to obtain by minors. The planned legislation if passed will result in a similar system to Colorado, with a 15% tax on pot sales, with 40% of tax revenue going straight to public schools. Current estimates show public schools would receive an extra $40 million for the year.

“I’m not surprised the Arizona Republican Party finds itself yet again on the wrong side of history, nor am I surprised they’re opposing something that would generate so much money for our schools,” Tameron said to The Huffington Post. “Do you know that it is currently easier to obtain marijuana in Arizona’s high schools than alcohol? I’m pretty sure drug dealers and their cartel bosses don’t ask for I.D., yet well-regulated and well-run businesses that sell alcohol do. Regulating marijuana like alcohol will eventually dry up the black market, making it harder for kids to obtain it.”

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