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Chile Is About to Decriminalize Marijuana

Legalization Posted Aug 20 2015

As the US and others are showing more support for cannabis and legalizing, other countries like chile are following suit on their way to decriminalization. Last month, Chile's Chamber of Deputies voted almost 2:1 in favor of passing a bill that would allow Chileans to posses up to 10 grams of marijuana and grow up to 6 plants at a time. The bill is still waiting to be adjusted by a health commission and then it must pass the senate before it becomes law. Despite having one last hurdle to jump, marijuana policy reform looks promising in Chile as 86% of citizens are in favor of medical marijuana, and still over half are in favor of full legalization.

The bill must first be adjusted by a health commission and then passed by the Senate before it officially becomes law, but strong support for cannabis legalization in the country illustrates that legalizing marijuana use appears to be the new norm in the Western Hemisphere and, once again, that the War on Drugs has been a failed campaign.

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