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Here's ResponsibleOhio's first statewide pro-marijuana ad (video)

Legalization Posted Aug 23 2015

ResponsibleOhio is on a winning streak this year after first gathering enough signatures to bring their marijuana reform bill to a vote, then airing a simple but effective ad during the presidential debate, and now airing a state-wide ad that is meant to connect with citizens and educate on the facts. This new ad shows a retired police captain explaining his past experience in law enforcement and becoming an expert in drug addiction. He follows up by informing viewers that Ohio spends over $100 million fighting the war on marijuana that simply cannot be won. The ad closes by reminding you that this can be changed if you "vote yes on 3" which if passed will legalize marijuana in Ohio for medicinal and recreational use.

"As a police officer, I walked a beat, served on the vice squad and SWAT team and became an expert on drug addiction. I saw firsthand the effects of Ohio's destructive marijuana laws. Simply put -- they don't work. Ohio spends more than $100 million each year on this failed effort. It's time for marijuana reform. So law enforcement can spend their time cracking down on real criminals and making Ohio a safer place for our families. Vote yes on 3."

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