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Ohio to vote on marijuana legalization

Legalization Posted Aug 13 2015

It's official, Ohio had enough citizens sign their petition that marijuana legalization is now on the ballot for the November 3rd vote. If voters pass the recreational marijuana bill, it will be the first time a state has legalized marijuana fully without a pre-existing medical marijuana program. Citizens will have the choice while voting to legalize medical or recreational marijuana. If passed, cannabis will be grown at one of the only 10 marijuana farms licensed by the state. Exact wording of the amendment is not final, but proposed taxes would be 15% on farms/manufacturing and a 5% on stores.

Ohio's proposed amendment outlines a system where 10 different marijuana farms would be established in 10 different counties, including Hamilton, where Cincinnati is located. The proposal specifies the location and size of the plots.
Facilities that make marijuana-infused products would be licensed and regulated by the state to control potency and to make sure "that the products are not manufactured, packaged, or advertised in ways that create a substantial risk of attractiveness to children."

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