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Oregon issues draft rules for recreational marijuana sales

Legalization Posted Aug 17 2015

Some are saying the recent draft of rules for recreational marijuana sales go a little too far, but for a first draft and the access to safe and legal marijuana it's a worthwhile trade off. Legal recreational sales are scheduled to begin Oct. 1st of this year, and there are many more regulations to set in place before that can happen. Each individual sale will be required to come with a state-issued marijuana information card as well as recording the customer's bithdate and purchase amount. Individuals will only be able to purchase 7 grams at a time, and so far there is no effective way to stop them from buying more from different dispensaries. Many more rules were included in this first draft, and the public will have about a week to comment before they are implemented.

The guidelines for early recreational sales are the first of several sets of rules the Oregon Health Authority will craft for the medical marijuana program, said Steve Wagner, program administrator. He said the agency also will issue rules for processors, growers, testing labs, serving size and labeling. 

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