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Marijuana Legalization in Canada 2015: Latest News and Polls on State of Legal Weed

Legalization Posted Dec 6 2015

With the recent election of Canada's new Prime Minister and the New Democratic Party, legalizing marijuana federally is closer than ever. The new Prime Minister wants to seperate the drug from the dealers, regulate it safely, and he wants to do it quickly. Full legalization from Canada would make them the first G7 country to permit the use of pot. Before the election, Canadian polls showed a 59% approval for legalizing marijuana. Over 600,000 canadians have criminal records due to marijuana and legalization can start the process to reversing that.

With new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and its new Liberal government, the New Democratic Party, Canada underscored its pledge to become the first G7 country (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K. and the United States) to legalize recreational marijuana nationally in a meeting and hearing last Friday, according to the Guardian. Canada has eyed legalization efforts in the United States, specifically Colorado and Washington, as an example of how legal weed could play out, the Governor General of Canada said in the speech.  

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