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Michigan marijuana legalization proposals - and a potential race to the ballot - in the works for 2016

Legalization Posted Feb 19 2015

Michigan is taking the necessary steps forward to move toward full legalization of marijuana. This weekend Michigan activists are meeting to discuss possible ballot languange, petition circulation and fundraising. Recent polls show around 50% of Michigan voters support regulated and taxed marijuana, and if more can be informed on the many benefits of full legalization then 2016 is a great goal for marijuana legalization in Michican.

He called Colorado, where legal marijuana sales through licensed stores began last year, a "successful experiment" that could inform a similar system in Michigan.

"What you're seeing is reduced use amongst adolescents, reduced crime, reduced drunk driving deaths and you're seeing quite a bit of tax revenue," Irwin said. "All of those are good things. What I'm hoping to do is take that law and improve upon it for Michigan."

"It's very preliminary at this point," she said. "All we can say is that the goal is full legalization for 2016."

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