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Alaska officials look Outside for help with potential marijuana problems

Legalization Posted Jan 28 2015

In just one months time it will be legal to possess marijuana in Alaska and local government is taking the proper precautions to make sure they do it right. Several officials went to a three-day training conference hosted by Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police on the facts, good and bad, of their first year with legal pot. The main concern for the first year is edibles. Marijuana edibles can look and taste just like any regular household item, and effects may not be felt for hours. Focus is on keeping these edibles out of the hands of children.

“Colorado is developing and has implemented regulations, but initially when it came out they never even saw edibles coming,” Rathbun said. “They got hit by it like a freight train. We’re trying to get out in front of that with the edibles, because the THC content ... is 90 percent. There aren’t studies to show what that does to people.”

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