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The petition that could make marijuana legal in Missouri

Legalization Posted Jul 15 2015

A newly proposed petition in Missouri would make marijuana legal for medical and recreational use. Some find issue with the The Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act as it does not specify limits for purchase amount or age, but that doesn't stop supporters from recognizing the massive benefits legalization could bring. The details can be finalized in the coming months as the bill needs to collect nearly 160,000 signatures from registered voters in the state to bring the petition to voting ballot next year. 

“The Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act. This is actually the bill that I’ve been meaning, for years, to write for the state of Missouri.” says Mark Pederson, who spoke at the meeting Wednesday night.
“We just can’t wait any longer, there’s relief needed badly,’ Burlison says, “If we can get this done, it gets on the ballot and approved by voters, not only are very sick people going to be able to medicate themselves, but the incredible opportunities that comes to this state.


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