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Congress Passes Pro-Marijuana Amendments; End of War on Weed "Within Five Years" Predicted

Legalization Posted Jun 3 2015

Congress had a very successful week as Democrats and Republicans together passed 3 pro-marijuana budget amendments. Each amendment limits federal funding to the DEA and one amendment renewed from last year will continue to prohibit pursuing state legalized medical marijuana businesses. Other amendments passed include protecting state-legal hemp farms, as well as CBD oil only legislation. All together, the DEA budget was cut by $23 million which will be instead used for programs like police body cameras and rape kit testing.

"Now that the House has gone on record with strong bipartisan votes for two years in a row to oppose using federal funds to interfere with state medical marijuana laws, it’s time for Congress to take up comprehensive legislation to actually change federal law," said Tom Angell, spokesman for advocacy group The Marijuana Majority. "That's what a growing majority of Americans wants, and these votes show that lawmakers are on board as well." "Congress clearly wants to stop the the Justice Department from spending money to impose failed marijuana prohibition policies onto states," he added, "so there’s absolutely no reason those policies themselves should remain on the lawbooks any longer."

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