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‘Gourmet cannabis': Take a peek inside a Uruguay marijuana club (photos)

Legalization Posted Jun 25 2015

Uruguay legalized recreational marijuana in 2013 and has since been slowly implementing parts of the law to get the ball rolling. Differentl marijuana clubs have sprouted up, some allowing members to grow their own plants in club facilities with a max of 45 members and 99 plants. Members of these clubs will be allowed to receive 1.4 ounces of marijuana (40 grams) per month. Strict laws are still in place to keep marijuana regulated properly such as, marijuana club members cannot grow at home and vice versa. 

The clubs, which are sprouting up in Montevideo, often include giant greenhouses where members can grow plants to their liking and, of course, smoke a joint or two to test a harvest. Members can receive up to 1.4 ounces (40 grams) per month

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