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Maine lawmakers soundly reject marijuana legalization bills

Legalization Posted Jun 21 2015

It's not over yet, but it's very likely that the last potential marijuana legalization bill in Maine will be turned down by the senate. This week state senators unanimously killed a different legalization bill, leaving little faith that this session's final marijuana bill will have any support. Maine passed a medical marijuana bill in 1999, but the bill turned out to be extremely limiting leaving the state no better than before. Though some legislators strongly oppose legalization, the voters will have the final say later this year and will have their chance to bring the issue of legalization to the 2016 ballot. 

“The Legislature’s failure to act should not be mistaken for waning public interest in marijuana policy reform. Elected officials have always followed the citizens’ lead on this issue,” Boyer said in a written statement. “Maine voters will still have the final say, and we expect they will say it’s time to end marijuana prohibition.”

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