Prosecutor: Marijuana legalization would create 35,000 jobs

Prosecutor: Marijuana legalization would create 35,000 jobs

Published on 6/11/15

Multiple initiatives are set in Ohio to legalize marijuana, though differing slightly, all reach for the same goal of ending failed prohibition and allowing normal people to not be prosecuted as criminals. Reports show full legalization would create 35,000 jobs in the state alone, and generate an economic output of $7 billion. Some are still not sold on the legalization plan despite the research showing drops in crime and the lack of traffic and work-related accidents that many were worried about prior to legalization. Supporters are tired of allowing the black market to benefit while communities could gain major tax revenue.

“Research suggests that legalization has not led to drastic increases in crime, adult or teen use, workplace injuries, or negatively impacted of aspects of public safety” the study said.

In another section, the report downplays concerns about impaired driving by marijuana users, saying, “evidence indicates that the risks associated with driving under its influence are dramatically less than those that accompany driving under the influence of alcohol.”

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