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ResponsibleOhio proposes legislation to expunge marijuana offense records

Legalization Posted Jun 24 2015

ResponsibleOhio has been working hard to bring marijuana legalization to Ohio for years now, but they're now addressing another problem in preparation for the hopeful oncoming legalization. This new bill, if passed, would expunge previous marijuana offenders from their crime, allowing the information to be erased and freeing them from problematic employment searches and cease many other shortcomings due to a conviction. If the amendment is passed, the legislative language will be exactly how ResponsibleOhio intended, however if lawmakers fail to pass it but its brought to ballot by the voters, then legislators will be able to change and manipulate the law.

"If we've decided we want to no longer call this a crime, we should be prepared to erase or be very open to modifying the crime records of anybody who has gotten in trouble with it," Berman said.

Currently, Berman said, Ohioans can face dozens of restrictions for a marijuana offense.

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