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Louisiana marijuana law changes endorsed by House, headed to Senate

Legalization Posted May 12 2015

Louisiana is known for many things, but least celebrated might be the incarceration capitol of the world. A bill proposed that would lower penalties for multiple marijuana offenses passed the state house, and is on it's way to the senate. Current max sentencing is 6 months for first time possession, and up to 20 years for 3 or more offenses. This new bill would drop max penalties from 20 years down to 5 years, but would leave the first offense at a max of 6 months.

Badon originally sought to exempt marijuana possession as a consideration under the state's habitual offender -- or three strikes -- sentencing law. He removed that measure as part of a compromise with the lobby groups after learning simple marijuana possession was rarely applied as a factor in habitual offender sentencing.

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