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If Mexico legalizes marijuana, what will the U.S. do?

Legalization Posted Nov 6 2015

A group in Mexico recently won a supreme court case granting them the ability to grow and consume marijuana within their club. The decision is a landmark that will effect many future decisions on the constitutional right to use marijuana. Change may not come quickly, but this may be the start to a long overdue fight to drain marijuana cash-flow from Mexican drug cartels that have plagued the area for years. The decision to loosen the grip on marijuana prohibition might be challenged by the UN's position to fight all drugs, but Mexico could take a stance similar to Obama's in allowing state's to legalize the drug as they wish. With more US states legalizing every year, as well as Canada and Mexico, real marijuana policy reform seems closer than ever.

Just as Obama wisely decided not to interfere with state-level legalization in the U.S., he could encourage Peña Nieto not to interfere with the court decision. Both governments could unite in making clear that the ruling, plus next year's probable legalization of recreational use in California, make the war on drugs unmanageable.

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