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Montini: Billboard mocks anti-marijuana fear tactics

Legalization Posted Oct 17 2015

Since marijuana was first made illegal, the primary tool to sway people away was fear. Propaganda was used to feed lies and fear to people who had no way of checking the facts and forming their own opinions. Nowadays younger generations have an endless supply of information at their fingertips, and with that it takes very little time to learn the truth that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. More Americans are on the supporting side of marijuana law reform than ever, and Arizona is one of many states that is educating citizens with facts instead of fear.

In a press release, campaign chairman J.P. Holyoak said, “Marijuana is illegal thanks to decades of anti-marijuana propaganda and fear mongering. Once people find out it is actually safer than alcohol, they tend to agree it should not be a crime for adults to use it responsibly.”

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