Oregonians can buy recreational marijuana tax-fee until next year

Where's Weed

Published on 9/29/15

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Not only do recreational marijuana sales begin in Oregon tomorrow, but all sales will go untaxed until January 2015 when a 25% tax will be added. Until then, some stores will be selling grams as cheap as $12. Last month alone, Colorado brought in $12 million in taxes, giving about 1/4 of that to school construction projects. This untapped tax market has the interest of so many more states, and quite a few such as, Nevada, Arizona, California, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, will be voting next fall on recreational marijuana for themselves. 

“States are proving that regulating marijuana works, both for medical and broader adult use,” said Lauren Vazquez, an MPP spokeswoman. “We expect to see several more states adopt similar laws over the next couple years, and it’s only a matter of time before Congress follows. The marijuana prohibition era is steadily coming to an end.”