Retail marijuana sales begin in Salem

Retail marijuana sales begin in Salem

Published on 9/30/15

The day has finally come, Oregon's recreational marijuana sales have begun and with the state's unique early sales program, adults 21 and over can purchase up to 7 grams of marijuana buds from over 250 different stores. Some Portland dispensaries began selling at midnight, but most of the state waited until the next morning. Most stores will carry a variety of different strains from low THC to high THC, but no edibles, oils or lotions until next year. One store in Salem nearly sold out of their pre-packaged 1 gram containers which resemble green prescription bottles. 

Train Wreck was the most powerful, with 29 percent THC, and also the most coveted.

“It’s the most potent right now,” Young said, as she pre-weighed 1 gram containers of weed, rapidly trying to stay ahead of the demand that streamed in consistently. “That’s what most people are going for.”

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