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Attorney General Certifies Marijuana Amendment Ballot Title

Legalization Posted Apr 25 2016

Arizona lawmakers and advocates have been working tirelessly to bring marijuana legalizatoin to this year's ballot and now another initiative has been approved by the Arkansas Attorney General. The Arkansas Cannabis Amendment, if passed, would establish a medical and recreational marijuana system where possession, cultivation, and purchase would be legal for adults over 21. The initiaive would also provide regulations to once again industrialize the hemp market. Those with a license would be limited to 36 marijuana plants, and dispensaries will sell cannabis with standard tax and an additional 5% tax as an option. The initiative needs 85,000 signatures to bring it to a vote in November.

The amendment, sponsored by Mary Berry, would provide regulations for industrial hemp, permitting purchases and possession and cultivation of recreational and medical marijuana under state law. The popular name, The Arkansas Cannabis Amendment, was certified as well by Rutledge on Monday (April 25).

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