Thornton says yes to marijuana sales in face of vocal opposition

Thornton says yes to marijuana sales in face of vocal opposition

Published on 8/28/16

Colorado is now known throughout the US as a marijuana friendly place, but there are still cities in the Centennial State that do not approve and have banned all marijuana sales. The largest of the cities enforcfing the ban, Thornton, hosted a vote by city council to allow retail marijuana shops, and despite present opposition, the vote passed 5-4. Of the 135,000 residents in the city, only 109 showed to voice their protest of marijuana, continuing the same corresponding prohibitionist arguments - it sends a bad message to kids, more pot use in schools, etc. But the state's data analysing the first few years of legalization shows this is actually not true. One resident even compared retail marijuana shops to Oreo's in his kitchen cabinet, stating that while he knows he's 'not supposed to' eat them, he will because they're there. This laughable analogy has no grasp on reality considering the amount of liquor and tobacco retailers in every state. People who don't partake in Oreo's will continue to have no interest in Oreo's regardless of accessibility. And those who choose to use marijuana? As adults it is their responsibility to use the drug appropriately, similar to any drug (including alcohol), and of course as a parent, to keep sensitive items out of reach and educate your children about the dangers of underage drug use. Thornton will allow a maximum of 4 marijuana retailers and begin accepting applications on Sept. 1.

The Thornton City Council voted 5-4 to allow retail marijuana shops — capped at a total of four citywide — to open in this northern suburb of 135,000. The city, the sixth-largest in Colorado, will start accepting applications from would-be dispensary owners Sept. 1.

But that didn’t satisfy the majority of those who showed up to City Hall on Tuesday. As evidence of how divisive the issue is in Thornton, the City Council approved a first reading of the measure by the same narrow 5-4 vote on Aug. 9. When asked during that meeting that supporters of the marijuana sales in the city stand up, 48 people stood up. One-hundred nine stood up in opposition.

Resident Rick Zetterman said making pot purchases easy by bringing them closer to Thornton’s residents is akin to bringing tempting, yet unhealthy, food into his kitchen.

“If I have a box of Oreos in my cupboard, I know I’m not supposed to,” he said. “But I’m gonna.”

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