Weed is legal in Alaska, but when will it go on sale in Anchorage?

Weed is legal in Alaska, but when will it go on sale in Anchorage?

Published on 12/7/16

Retail cannabis shops have been open in Alaska for over a month now, but when will it's largest city, Anchorage, open it's first recreational marijuana store? Alaska Fireweed became the first Anchorage dispensary to pass it's final inspection this week, with another shop not far behind. Scheduled to open it's doors on Dec. 17, Alaska Fireweed will soon have shelves stocked with 9 different strains of cannabis supplied by the Kasilof cultivator, Greatland Ganja. Another Anchorage shop, Enlighten Alaska, ran into some bad luck after being robbed over Thanksgiving, setting the shop back a few weeks, now hoping to open by the new year.

“Its very exciting and nerve racking at the same time,” Alaska Fireweed General Manager Will Ingram said. “We’re at the finish line now. I can see it in sight.”

The store’s empty shelves will soon be filled with nine strains of cannabis from Greatland Ganja, a cultivator from Kasilof.

Alaska Fireweed is set to open to the public at “high noon” on Saturday December, 17.

“This is a great way to initiate the holidays,” Ingram says.

Still, that puts Anchorage more than a month behind other stores around the state

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