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Medical marijuana backers planning new push for the November ballot in Ohio

Legalization Posted Feb 23 2016

Last year, Ohio debated Issue 3 which was a recreational marijuana initiative that gained negative attention for its favorability of a few monopolies who would've controlled the entire market. This year, a new pro-marijuana group is ready to try again with an amendment that would legalize medical marijuana instead of recreational. Marijuana Policy Project intends to take advantage of this election year and the larger turnout of voters whil appealing to the almost 75% of Ohions who support medical marijuana. The initiative needs about 300,000 signatures by July 6 to make it on November's ballot. If passed by voters, patients can expect access to the drug near the end of 2017.

If approved, Ohioans with clearance from their doctors would be able to get medical marijuana from retail sellers about a year after the measure passes, and start growing it themselves as soon as they get government ID cards.
Time is of the essence, and the group will need heavy volunteer turnout in spring and summer, as MPP needs 305,591 signatures by July 6 to qualify for the November ballot. It’s targeting 600,000 signatures.
“We view Ohio's prohibition on medical marijuana as a public-health emergency,”

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