Push for full legalization of marijuana in North Dakota

Where's Weed

Published on 2/16/16

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A student at the University of North Dakota is pushing the new campaign for recreational marijuana in the state. The campaign has until July 11th to gain 13,452 signatures for the November ballot, which advocates are confident can be done. Conservative voters may not go for the recreational pot laws, but critics might prefer medical marijuana legislation which could also make the ballot this November. Advocates propose a tax of 20% for sales bringing in an estimated $80-100 million per year. 

“If you possess a gram of marijuana, congratulations, you are a felon. And you will never be able to really get a good job, because felons don’t get good jobs. No white collar business wants to have felons on its staff. And we have created a permanent, second class citizen, who will always be on welfare and who’s life will be destroyed, just because they made a choice people happen to disagree with.”