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Vermont Senate approves bill to legalize recreational marijuana

Legalization Posted Feb 23 2016

After powering through the Vermont Senate, the recreational marijuana bill is now moving to the House for further debate and hopefully approval. While the opposition is still worried about sending "a terrible message to Vermont children", majority of legislators have taken an educated approach, analyzed how other legal states have handled it, and are prepared to move passed the dark history of prohibition. If passed, the bill would enact a 25% tax on the drug, estimating a total of $20 million in revenue for the state to put towards drug prevention, treatment, program administration and law enforcement. 30 retail stores will be permitted in the state where adults can purchase a half ounce, while non-residents can purchase a quarter ounce. 

"The question is how many people use marijuana and don't destroy their lives? The answer is millions," added Sen. Dick McCormack of Windsor County, who voted in favor. "There are bad effects to using marijuana. But there are bad effects to watching too much television."

“I want to thank the Senate for their courage in voting to end the failed war on drugs policy of marijuana prohibition,” Shumlin said. “When this debate began a month and a half ago, there were many who said it had no chance of passage in either chamber.”

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