How Legalized Marijuana Is Sweeping the U.S.—in One Map

Where's Weed

Published on 6/30/16

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2016 could be the year that marks a majority of states in the US as having some form of legal marijuana after this November's vote. Colorado continues to set an appealing example with legal marijuana sales growing 40% in 2015 to almost $1 billion. The $135 million in tax revenue and fees was used on school construction and other public projects. With all signs pointing towards legalization, at least 3 states will be voting on medical marijauna (Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri), and at least 5 will vote on recreational marijuana for adult use (Nevada, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and Maine.

In fact, after November, a majority of U.S. states could have legal marijuana in some form, as three more states—Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri—are expected to vote on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana in the upcoming election (Florida saw a similar ballot initiative fail two years ago). And, at least five states will vote on legalizing adult-use, or recreational, marijuana in November, including California, which already has the country’s largest legal marijuana market, thanks to a medical pot industry that has been around for two decades