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Ballot petition to legalize marijuana in ND approved for circulation

Legalization Posted Mar 7 2016

A North Dakota initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in the state has been approved by the secretary of state and supporters are now working to gather 13,452 signatures to bring it to a vote on the November ballot. Backers of the campaign have until July 11 to gather enough signatures; the intention is to get 20,000 to ensure enough valid signatures. If passed, adults over 21 will be able to purchase, use, and grow marijuana without the need of a license. The bill would also prohibit marijuana taxes to surpass 20%. 

Secretary of State Al Jaeger on Wednesday approved their petition for circulation. Sponsors must gather at least 13,452 signatures of eligible voters by July 11 to put the statutory measure to a statewide vote.

Eric Olson of Fargo, who chairs the 26-member sponsoring committee, said supporters will start collecting signatures right away and he hopes to gather 20,000 "for a safe margin."

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