Bill requiring background checks for marijuana sellers in limbo

Bill requiring background checks for marijuana sellers in limbo

Published on Mar 27, 2016

Marijuana dispensaries in Alaska have been a long-time-coming for the state which voted for recreational marijuana in 2014, but they may have to wait a little longer. In the time since the vote to legalize, entrepreneurs and investors have been preparing every day for their first legal sales, with one of the last items on the list being the license to sell marijuana. Dispensaries are projected to open in June this year, but employees will be required to undergo background checks which will rely on further legislation allowing the background checks which is still under debate. Topics of debate have nothing to do with the background checks directly, but Alaskans will be the ones seeing continued delays if decisions are not made soon.

State Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office Director Cynthia Franklin says that’s because the Legislature requires background checks for licensees. But it hasn’t passed a bill that’s been proposed that would allow Franklin’s office to do these checks. She’s hopeful that lawmakers will pass the bill soon.

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