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KUSH Donates $1 Million to Fund 2016 Marijuana, Control, Legalization and Revenue Initiative

Legalization Posted Mar 6 2016

KUSH, a new supporter of recreational marijuana in California has emerged to donate $1 million in company stock. Their donation to Americans for Policy Reform will help fund their initiative, the 2016 Marijuana Control Legalization and Revenue Act (MCLR). Next to it's competitor initiatives, MCLR is a to-the-point bill that is easy to support. At only 1 page long, supporters can print, sign, and submit the document to help MCLA gather the necessary signatures to bring it to ballot in November. 

AFPR Director John Lee believes the current MMRSA state system along with the AUMA initiative could devastate California’s current marijuana industry and make accessibility problematic for many. “AFPR is grateful for the donation from KUSH to support the MCLR project,” said Lee. “Their support will help ensure we can educate and involve the voters directly in the initiative process. It will soon become clear that MCLR is the only option.” 

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