L.A. County extends medical marijuana growing ban one month

L.A. County extends medical marijuana growing ban one month

Published on 5/23/16

Los Angeles County officials cannot agree on regulations for allowing medical marijuana within it's boundaries, so they placed another short-term ban on growing - one month. While some lawmakers are still fighting the access to medical marijuana within parts of California, many have accepted that voters will likely legalize recreational marijuana this November, making medical marijuana policy secondary. The ban in Los Angeles has not only hurt the businesses that were located there, but the locals who have relied on their home dispensary must travel elsewhere or turn to the black market.

"We have people who have seizures, we have people who have glaucoma, we have those with degenerative bone diseases, chronic pain, and unfortunately they are denied their medications now because of the closure of our cannabis clinics, our dispensaries," said Greg Hernandez of Lake Los Angeles. "The only thing that this ban has gone ahead and done is reignited the black market right here in the Antelope Valley."

"Cannabis is not going away," he said. "I would encourage the board to get ahead of this instead of behind."

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