Pro-marijuana billboards go up for Mother's Day

Pro-marijuana billboards go up for Mother's Day

Published on 5/2/16

Much of the social stigma involved with marijuana comes from propaganda of 20th century. Those who witnessed it first hand hold the remaining tension, the generation of our parents. After being told as fact that 'marijuana makes you stupid' or 'pot kills brain cells', its easy to follow that view, until confronted with evidence that suggests otherwise. An entire generation of folks with age induced health issues could benefit greatly from medical marijuana, but without the education to change their minds, the vote to legalize marijuana may not pass and they may never receive the relief they could. As Mother's Day approaches, The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol released their newest billboard in Arizona featuring the phrase, "Have you talked to your parents about marijuana?" 

The goal is to encourage young voters to start conversations about marijuana with family members, especially older generations who think marijuana is harmful.

The billboards direct people to the website, that allows them to send a message about marijuana to their parents or other relatives.

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