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Arkansas Voters Legalize Medical Marijuana

Legalization Posted Nov 13 2016

Last week Arkansas voters made themselves heard by saying YES on Issue 6, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, and winning 53%-47%. The passing of Issue 6 amends the state constitution to allow patients with qualifying conditions to be recommended medical marijuana by a physician and sets in place a system for state licensed businesses to cultivate, process, and sell medical cannabis. Officials have 120 days to finish creating rules and regulations for the medical marijuana program, which will be limited to 40 dispensaries and 8 growers. Cannabis will still be prohibited from growing in home. The law went into effect the day after the election, November 9th. 

Issue 6, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, amends the state constitution to permit qualified patients who possess a physician’s recommendation may legally possess and obtain medical cannabis provided by state licensed dispensaries. The home cultivation of cannabis is not permitted under the law. Under the law, regulators will license up to 40 dispensary providers and up to eight marijuana cultivators


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