Gary Johnson Polls: Marijuana Legalization Efforts Could Give Libertarian Party A Major Boost Not Showing Up In Final Presidential Polls

Where's Weed

Published on 11/5/16

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While the two primary candidates for president have both danced around the subject of marijuana legalization, there is one man who has been a long time advocate of legalization, the Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson. Recent polls show Johnson reaching just under the 5% mark, which is what he needs to bring a new political party into future elections. With young people typically having poor turnout on election day, it's easy for pollsters to count them out. But with the amount of states with marijuana legalization on the ballot, the drive to legalize could help push America's political system into the future by bringing young marijuana advocates to the polls.

“Oh, our drug laws. Tens of millions of Americans, but for drug laws, who are now convicted felons, would otherwise be taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. And we have the highest incarceration rate in the world, and at the heart of that is the drug war. We need to be looking at pardoning those convicted felons that have served out their sentences, and we need to look to be pardoning those that are in prison for victimless, nonviolent crime.”