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Australia legalizes medical marijuana cultivation

Legalization Posted Oct 30 2016

Australia passed it's Narcotic Drugs Amendment 2016 this week to legalize the cultivation of medical marijuana by 'fit and proper' individuals and entities. The law does not allow for relaxed laws on recreational smokers and does not decriminalize marijuana. With the goal to create a domestic supply of medical cannabis products, companies will be allowed to apply for cultivation licenses to grow cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes only. All cultivation licenses will be subject to state and territory drug regulations and each harvest accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Each state and territory will also be in charge of approving licenses.

To hold a license for cannabis production, business will need to pass “strict fit and proper persons requirements and other legislative tests relating to security.” It is left up to individual states and territories to award licenses and outline the types of cannabis plants that can be cultivated and the quantities that can be produced


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