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Legalization Posted Oct 9 2016

November is right around the corner now and state marijuana initiatives are making the final push to get people aware of the upcoming votes to legalize marijuna in different forms. Rick Steves, an author and TV show host, is doing his part by travelling around the country to advocate for marijuana legalization, and he will soon make his stop in Massachussetts where he's promoting the Yes On 4 Campaign. Ontop of his $100,000 donation to the campaign, Steves brings a common sense approach to the legalization argument. His travels of Europe have opened his eyes to what could be here in the U.S. He says that "pragmatic harm reduction makes much more sense than legislation morality" meaning we should make laws based on real data and focus on less harm instead of the laws written out of fear. Education about marijuana is needed now more than ever as 5 states will soon be voting on recreational marijuana, and 5 more will vote on medical marijuana.

“There are so many reasons to end the prohibition on marijuana,” Steves said in a press release. “Whether you’re concerned about the well-being of children, fairness for our minority communities, redirecting money away from criminals and into our state’s coffers, stemming the horrific bloodshed in Mexico, or civil liberties, it is clearly time for a new approach.”

“If I work hard all day long and want to go home, smoke a joint, and just stare at the fireplace for three hours, that is my civil liberty,” he added in an interview on YouTube.

“To me, high is a place and I really treasure that. When I want to get there, I want to go there, and I don’t need my government to give me a passport for that place.”

The travel lover, who resides in Washington State, has been moving around the country in support of legalization during these critical pre-election months as five states prepare to vote for full legalization and five for medical marijuana

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