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With marijuana going legit, marketing blitz takes a hit

Legalization Posted Oct 17 2016

'I'm lovin' it', 'Have it your way', 'King of Beers', all slogans that most Americans are familiar with, but if several states vote to legalize marijuana next month then marijuana branding could become much more mainstream. The still new industry has created a plethora of competitive businesses, and the only way they'll last is good branding and marketing. The anti-marijuana movement is worried about the future of the marijuana industry, corporate marijuana, and all the advertising and pushing they will do for profit. Prop. 64, California's upcoming legalization initiative, has limits on marketing geared to protect minors under 21. If passed, certain symbols, language, music, and cartoons will be banned from all cannabis marketing, as well as billboards being banned within 1,000 ft of schools, playgrounds and youth centers.

Pot is illegal under federal law, meaning California residents probably won’t see television and radio ads for the drug in the near future. But things may change, and Prop. 64 opponents have criticized the measure for leaving the door open for such ads — which are permitted on television and radio broadcasts, as well as online and in print, as long as the typical audience is at least 71.6 percent adult


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