Legal marijuana sales begin in Nevada

Legal marijuana sales begin in Nevada

Published on 7/4/17

This past weekend in Nevada, history was made as recreational sales of marijuana became legal for the first time. Friday night hundreds of eager customers waited outside several shops preparing for a long-awaited midnight opening. Despite all the customers buying legal marijuana for the first time, police reported no issues and had no problems with marijuana being smoked out in public, which remains illegal. Adults over 21 are now able to purchase and possess up to 1oz of cannabis. Nevada voters chose to legalize cannabis nearly 8 months ago and now recreational shops are finally open across the state.

“You don’t have to hide in the corner anymore and feel bad about it,” Pam Mateo said as she walked out of Euphoria at 1:30 a.m. Saturday with her purchase.

“It speaks to the enthusiasm about what this means,” Rutledge said. “Being able to purchase it legally for the first time, it’s a sea change from where we were 10 years ago.

And when Friday finally turned to Saturday, Nevada officially joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska as the only states where people can buy marijuana for recreational use.
Less than eight months after Nevada voters passed Question 2 by 8 percentage points, dozens of stores across Southern Nevada began selling the drug legally



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