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Luxembourg releases recreational marijuana proposal for ‘residents only’

Legalization Posted Dec 3 2018

Luxembourg recently announced their plan to legalize recreational marijuana and though only small official updates have come out since an inside anonymous source has offered further information regarding the coming legislation. As mentioned in their earlier announcement the country's lawmakers are not interested in any cannabis-based tourism and will only allow residents to purchase Luxembourg's marijuana. Some of the primary goals of legalization are to bring cannabis consumers out of the black market, lessen criminal activity involved in the illegal supply trade and reduce “psychological and physical harms. There is not a specific timeframe for the legislation other than "the next legislative period" which only means in the next five years. 

The new government “isn’t considering transforming Luxembourg into a cannabis tourism destination,” a source in the Luxembourg Socialist Workers Party – one of the coalition members – told Marijuana Business Daily on condition of anonymity.
Still, Luxembourg would be the first country in Europe to permit and regulate adult-use marijuana – a significant milestone for a continent that has thus far authorized only medical cannabis


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