New Jersey Faces Bumps Along The Path To Recreational Marijuana

New Jersey Faces Bumps Along The Path To Recreational Marijuana

Published on 2/2/18

Newly elected Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy says he wants to legalize recreational marijuana but he's still facing a few setbacks on his path. The Hoboken Democractice Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro is unsure of the impact legalization would have despite data from other state's experiences showing that legalization and regulation actually decrease the youth's interest in opioids, alcohol, and even cannabis. After Colorado became a pioneer in cannabis legalization it became clear that candy and enticing edibles should be a no while proper childproofing and packaging is a must. Many supporting lawmakers see that regulation does work well and the best way to keep young people away from it is education. By informing the youth and the people we can be sure that they understand the dangers of improper use. 

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, the group’s president Scott Rudder said, “We’re actually seeing a decline on teenage use. We’re seeing a decline on opioid overdoses. We’re also seeing a decline in alcohol consumption.”

“Initially when Colorado first rolled out they rolled out with some candies and some edibles that looked very enticing. What they learned through that process is things to be marked, things need to be childproof,” Rudder said.


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