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Recreational marijuana use could be on 2018 Missouri ballot

Legalization Posted Jan 8 2018

A new statewide voter initiative has been approved for circulation in Missouri that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state for adults over the age of 21. Advocates will be hard at work this year to get the initaitive on the 2018 voter ballot, they must collect enough signatures equaling 8% of the population in 6 districts making a total of about 160,000 total signatures needed. If the initiative makes it on the ballot and is passed it would mean all non-violent marijuana offenders in Missouri would be released and have their crimes expunged. Recreational cannabis sales would be taxed with an additional 5% that would go straight towards K-12 schools and the Missouri Veterans Association.

For the first time, there is a chance the legalization of recreational marijuana use could find its way on a Missouri statewide ballot in 2018. 

It also calls for non-violent marijuana offenders in Missouri to be released and have crimes relating to their marijuana crimes to be wiped from the public record. As currently written, the initiative calls for a 5 percent additional sales tax to be added to marijuana sales, with half those proceeds going to K-12 education and the other half going to the Missouri Veteran Administration. 

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